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ABB Group wins requalification of Espinho railway channel
"ABB Group celebrates the contract for the execution of the rehabilitation work on the railway channel"
12 JUL, 2017

The Espinho City Council has awarded the ABB Group the requalification of the Espinho railroad, an intervention that plans to transform Alameda 8 into a "living room of the city." The project includes green spaces, commercial spaces, a pedestrian bridge, an events assistance equipment and an underground car park.


With an intervention area of ​​113 000 square meters, it will be one of the most important urban interventions in the history of the county!


You can watch the contract being signed at:

ABB Group was in BAU 2017
03 FEB, 2017
One of the most important events in the construction industry in Europe

BAU 2017 International Fair, one of the most important events in the construction industry in Europe, joins every two years, market leaders, and And exposes Architecture, Materials and Systems solutions, either to the inside and to the outside.

BAU presents innovation, quality and the future of construction, core values in the ABB group's daily life.

ABB CONSTRUCTION started work at the Palais de la Découverte in Paris
21 JUL, 2016
The representative of ABB SA group in France, began the renovation work of the interior spaces at the Palais de la Découverte in Paris.

The Palais de la Découverte is a museum and cultural center that permanently hosts several exhibitions and scientific demonstrations and is in the western area of the Grand Palais.

This emblematic building is from 1897 and is classified as a historic monument since 1975.

The city of football was born
11 APR, 2016
Built by ABB group

It occurred last week the inauguration of the Football City, which full construction project was executed by the ABB Group.

The official ceremony was attended by the FPF President, Fernando Gomes, and the President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, among other distinguished personalities of the state and of football.

Located in Oeiras, the new structure will aggregate the headquarters of the FPF and the Logistics Centre and Training of National Selections.

The main building has a 8.030 m² area and consists of basement, ground floor and 3 more floors and is divided into:


  • Central Center - Soccer City Reception, Training Centre, Conference Centre, Exhibition Area and Restaurant / Cafeteria.
  • Headquarters - Workspaces of all FPF departments including the Presidency.
  • Soccer Technical Center - Three training camps, a goalkeeper training camp, a core of changing rooms with all necessary valences to the work of athletes - gym, hydrotherapy, etc - and an office center for the technical and support staff.
  • Football Bleachers.


The Logistic Center has an area of about 3156 m², and consists of warehouse training material, equipment, files, areas to support the treatment and maintenance of training camps, laundry areas for the preparation of travel and a set of offices. In the north top of the same building but with separate access, the Press Centre will be installed.

The Ordinance has an area of 93 m².

"Avenida das Seleções", which connects to the Football City was also performed by ABB and recently inaugurated by the FPF and the Oeiras Chamber.


An impressive project that was highlighted throughout the media and it shows the strength of the ABB group.

"We are quality. We are the future. We are ABB"

AQUAPOR sponsors ENEG - National Water and Sanitation Management Entities Meeting
03 DEC, 2015
The challenges of full sustainability of the water sector are the subject of the meeting

ABB, through its associated, AQUAPOR, is one of the sponsors of ENEG - National Water and Sanitation Management Entities Meeting, organized by APDA, Portuguese Association of Water Distribution and Drainage.


"The challenges of the water sector integral sustainability" is the theme for this meeting, which is taking place until tomorrow at the Congress Centre of Alfândega do Porto.

At the event, in which was present at the opening session the Minister for the Environment, have been discussed several issues related to the water sector, namely: the leading role of the water business; the challenges and opportunities for the management companies; optimization and efficient management of water supply resources, among others.


ENEG 2015 also includes the exhibition of the best and latest equipment, products and services related to water and sanitation.


Because water is one of the ABB group's business areas this event plays an extremely important role, allowing us to track and share the challenges and solutions in this sector

ABB´s construction work was inaugurated in Cassis - France
22 OCT, 2015
Espace Petite Enfance et LAEP

Last Saturday, October 10th, was held the inauguration of another ABB Group's work in France: the nursery "Espace Petite Enfance et LAEP," in Cassis, village of Cote D'Azur region.

With a total investment of about 4.5 million euros, this nursery consists of two main buildings, connected by an intermediate block, a combination of materials and solutions that make the project an architectural and construction reference.

Considering environmental, energy efficiency and climate issues, it was adopted an isolation solution in limestone on the outside and a roof garden to the north building. In the South Building, we highlight the use of wood in the coating of some facades and, from a structural point of view, the application of concrete facades consoles as a shadowing solution.

EmeSingular, one of ABB Group's companies , also made metallic structures of platforms and outdoor terraces, railings and metal ladders. This equipment, designed by the Office Adrien Champsaur Architecture, has an area of 1,000 m2 and will host a day care center with capacity for 55 children, and a mother and child unit.

At the inauguration of October 10th 2015, were present the Mayor of Cassis and other members of the town council, having been highlighted the cooperation from the ABB Group in the work and in the final quality of it.


Find out more details of this work in our portfolio.


The news was also highlighted in the French newspaper "Jornal la Provence":

A special weekend with the inauguration of Bastia's Cultural Centre
30 SEP, 2015
The inauguration ceremonies included multiple cultural activities

In the past weekend occurred the opening ceremonies of a project to which the ABB Group has dedicated several months of work: Bastia's Cultural Centre, located in Corsica.

The opening ceremonies began last Friday, September 25th, and lasted throughout the weekend with various activities. The first day was marked by a very special concert, with a hundred artists of Corsica, whereas cultural offerings have lasted for the following days.

Music, poetry, theater and photography were some of the attractions that marked a weekend of open doors to all who wanted to visit Bastia's Cultural Centre.


Comprising an auditorium, media library and music studios, this project promises to be an attractive cultural center for young people, inside and outside the country.

At the Cultural Centre inauguration were present different political figures, which underlined the cultural and social importance of it.

ABB Group is pleased to have been part of this impressive international project.

New adjudications
27 JUL, 2015
Group ABB adjudicated projects

Some of the latest contracts of the Group begin to take form deserving the full attention of team:

In preparation are the upgrading and expansion of the wastewater treatment plant in Matosinhos and enforcement of road markings in Oporto.

At the implementation stage is, "supporting infrastructure to process luggage and landing" at the airport ANA.

New projects that have earned the focus of some of the group companies in order to continue with the rigor and quality that have characterized us.

Marginal intercetor renovation and redevelopment of Avenida Gustavo Eiffel
23 JUN, 2015
Porto City Council intends to give more life to the riverside area

Rui Moreira, the Mayor of Porto, visited the marginal intercetor renovation and redevelopment of Avenida Gustavo Eiffel, already open for circulation.

Porto City Council intends to give more life to the riverside area between the bridges Luis I and Dona Maria. The work of replacing the Intercetor Douro Road central section, is supported by the Territorial Enhancement Program, and also includes the installation of a remote management system, which simultaneously allow monitoring and remote control in real time, of facilities operation.

The benefits will translate into greater efficiency and security in the management and operation of the sewerage network, allowing on the one hand, program and minimize the impact of maintenance operations and on the other, gradually adjust the drainage system wastewater capcity of Porto demographic developments.

Leveraging the work in progress, the company Águas do Porto invited the architect Manuel Fernandes Sá to requalify the avenue Gustavo Eiffel, with the creation of balconies, bike paths, rest areas and parking bays and also with the replacement of street lighting.

Another project with ABB signature.

ABB Construction at the end of Cassis Nursery construction
08 JUN, 2015
Espace Petite Enfance et LAEP

ABB Construction is in the final phase of Cassis Nursery construction (Espace Petite Enfance et LAEP).


The company was responsible for implementing the reinforced concrete structure, the façade cladding in wood and natural stone, the ceilings lining and partitions in plasterboard, waterproofing and roof garden.


EmeSingular, one of the Group companies, made the platforms steel structures and outdoor terraces and held the railings and metallic stairs.


This equipment, designed by the Office Adrien Champsaur Architecture, comprises two buildings with an area of 1,000 m2 and will host a nursery with capacity for 55 children, and a mother and child unit.

Environment Minister inaugurates PERM
23 APR, 2015
ABB Group at the forefront of sustainability

Santa Maria da Feira received yesterday a visit from Dr.Jorge Moreira da Silva, Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy. In this passage by the northern city, the Minister took the opportunity to meet one of the projects executed by ABB, the PERM - Business Park Materials Recovery.


This new business park is a place for end of life cars deposit in the region of Entre Douro e Vouga. The PERM encourages the legalization of companies dedicated mainly to the recovery and recycling of materials, especially junkyards.

Through this park, it is promoted the correct use of the space occupied, which was previously done in a disorderly manner and with environmental damage, being assured treatment with proper environmental accuracy of the collected materials.


Technological innovation also takes place in this project, located in an area with about five hectares. Thus, the PERM is a promoter vehicle to development technology industries related to the recovery of materials.


To Emídio Sousa, president of the board of directors PERM, "This is an extremely virtuous project, because it solves a major problem for the environment, a landscaped problem, and promotes regional planning."


Another project at the forefront of sustainability executed by the ABB Group, for which we share the words of Emídio Sousa: "We look at the work and we know it was worth it."

We give a ride to Eco Driving
05 JAN, 2015
An efficient, safe and eco-driving

ABB defend the Eco Driving, an efficient way of driving that reduces fuel consumption, emissions of polluting gases, accident rates and spending on car maintenance.

The Eco Driving is a concept that promotes and encourages the adoption of safe driving practices and environmentally friendly.

By adopting more efficient and environmentally friendly driving habits, we take greater advantage of the capabilities of the vehicles, optimized fuel consumption, reduced pollution and noise and we are contributing to a decrease in the number of road accidents. One way to protect the environment and save on fuel in a safe driving.

Ceremony of Merit Scholarships in Civil Engineering
04 DEC, 2014
The ceremony took place yesterday in the auditorium of the Rectory of University of Minho

ABB was present at the ceremony of scholarships to six students who entered this school year at University of Minho in Civil Engineering.

The ceremony took place in the Grand Hall of the Rectory of the University of Minho, in the Palace Square, in Braga.

ABB is one of the companies participating in this protocol established with the School of Civil Engineering.

The study and merit scholarships include the payment of fees, throughout the course of 45 students in the integrated master's degree in Civil Engineering, a package of around 250,000 euros, beyond offering internships and double degree, among other actions , a plan for three years.

The program aims to attract and support new talents.

50 scholarships attributed to students of the University of Minho
21 OCT, 2014
ABB took part in this initiative

ABB, S.A. collaborated in the initiative of the Lions Club of Braga to award 50 scholarships at the University of Minho, for students with academic merit, but that had no economic means to allow them to continue their studies.

The President of the Academic Association of the University of Minho, Carlos Videira, said that "more than a gesture of solidarity, the scholarships represent an investment in human capital that exists in UMinho".

New projects awarded
17 OCT, 2014
ABB scores

The first work awarded corresponds to the sewerage network in Lamelas (Santo Tirso). This contract involves the construction of 16,309 meters of sanitation conduct and 539 home-based extensions, in the parishes of Lamelas, Carreira, Guimarei and Refojos de Ave in Santo Tirso.
The second is the contract for the redevelopment and upgrading of Amorosa Core Maritime Front, which is the recovery and renaturalisation of dune systems and degraded areas, planning and qualification of public space in Amorosa Nova and Amorosa Velha, including drainage infrastructure of  domestic wastewater and rainwater and water supply, improvement of internal roads and access, as well as the creation of parking areas.

“Hidden Oporto” Project
13 OCT, 2014
We support this cause

The ABB Group made a donation to the project "Hidden Oporto", which will help around 920 people at risk of social exclusion, providing them with health care, social support, promotion of preventive behaviors for infectious diseases, as well as exchange or replace consumable materials.
This program aims to give these people treatment and quality of life.

ABB Group grants scholarships
13 OCT, 2014
We support new talents

This protocol aims to attract students to the area of Civil Engineering, allowing to provide in the future, active professionals that can create wealth for society, gain a improved quality of life and develop the construction industry at a local, national and international level.
The collaboration will be developed through a financial contribution to tuition fees to students to complete their master degree in Civil Engineering UMinho.
The company will support the payment of five years of tuition for 1 student following the signing of the protocol.

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